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The Medical Electronic Data for Care History And Readiness Tracking (MEDCHART) enables a customizable, centralized approach to managing all aspects of a Soldier's medical readiness information and care history. The aim of MEDCHART is multifaceted:

  • Allow the user to log into a single system and have access to all necessary applications and data required to complete their job, without having to manage multiple logins across several applications.
  • Provide a personalized homepage to display summary information that notifies the user about pending activities, workload, and management needs.
  • Collect important information about Soldiers and personnel in order to improve reporting and decision support.

MEDCHART is developing in phases:

  • New applications have been and will continue to be incorporated within the MEDCHART framework.
  • Existing applications are incorporated into the MEDCHART framework over time, staggering the transition of each application.
  • Each application retains its focus, workflow, and feature set while taking advantage of the framework’s shared functionality
  • Data from the various applications is integrated to provide a more complete view of the various aspects of medical care and readiness.

Common to all MEDCHART applications are the following traits:

  • CAC and HIPAA certification are required for access.
  • Access to data is controlled through role-based security.
  • The system is web-accessible to authorized users 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

What is AVS?

The Automated Voucher System (AVS) facilitates the medical readiness of the Army National Guard (ARNG) and the U.S Army Reserve (USAR) by providing a web-based means of creating and tracking requests for medical services through the RHRP program. Additionally, AVS supports the PDHRA/DHAP program for mass event creation.

  • facilitates the request for physical exams, dental exams, immunizations, and other medical services for RC personnel
  • allows for services to be provided to individual Service Members or to large groups as part of a Mass Event (SRP)
  • checks MEDPROS for readiness status on requested services for Service Members to avoid SMs receiving unnecessary or duplicated services
  • provides a management and reporting tools to monitor and report on allocated RHRP budgets and spending

What is DenClass?

The Dental Classification (DenClass) module is used to electronically document the dental readiness requirements of all Army National Guard (ARNG) and U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) Soldiers. The DenClass module integrates Reserve Component Dental Readiness with the Medical Operational Data System (MODS) architecture. Users can create and track all elements of a dental examination including: the Soldier’s health history, SF 603A, the dental treatment plan, and a digital repository for dental radiographs.

  • create Mass Event or Individual Soldier Treatment Plans
  • share Treatment Plans created in DenClass with other providers based on their user permissions
  • automatically transmit Dental Readiness Classifications to the Corporate Dental System (CDS) and the Medical Protection System (MEDPROS)
  • automatically transmit forms that are uploaded and generated to the Soldier’s DenClass Record to the Health Readiness Record (HRR)
  • automatically transmit digital radiographs that are uploaded into DenClass to the Army Dental Digital Repository (ADDR)
  • generate reports for dental readiness, Mass Event history, and dental workload
  • upload DD Form 2813 dental examination information

What is eCase?

The Electronic Case Management (eCase) module is used to open, track, and determine the disposition of medical cases for Army National Guard (ARNG) and United States Army Reserve (USAR) Soldiers. The eCase module provides an automated case-management workflow and task-management system that provides an integrated view of all related data that is obtained from other medical management systems.

  • review and manage Health Assessment Referrals from Periodic Health Assessments (PHAs), Pre/Post Deployment Health Assessments (PDHAs), and Post Deployment Health Re-Assessments (PDHRAs) in eCase
  • create independent cases or those based on health assessment referrals, in order to track complete history of medical issues
  • restrict access to case notes to authorized users
  • allow Sensitive cases to be flagged, in order to limit and track access
  • generate forms (eg., SF 513, SF 600, etc.) from entered case data
  • automatically transmit case data to Health Readiness Records (HRR) document repository
  • track the status of all active cases
  • review closed cases
  • assign primary responsibility for cases to ensure the proper management
  • generate reports related to case management activities

What is eMMPS?

The Electronic Medical Management Processing System (eMMPS) module is used by Army National Guard (ARNG) and United States Army Reserve personnel to electronically create, review, process, and approve Line of Duty (LOD) cases , Incapacitation Pay Claim (INCAP) cases, Post-Deployment Health Re-Assessment (PDHRA) referrals, Military Medical Support Office (MMSO) now known as the Defense Health Agency, Great Lakes (DHA-GL)) Pre-Authorization cases, and Active Duty Orders Process (ADOP) cases in real-time.

  • review historic and current Service Member’s LOD, INCAP, PDHRA, MMSO Pre-Auth and ADOP case information
  • upload approved hard-copy LOD cases
  • build and access sub-module cases such as INCAP Pay, MMSO Pre-Authorizations and ADOPs from associated LODs in the system
  • complete and upload forms such as the DA Form 2173 and DD Form 261
  • upload, store, and manage supporting medical documents
  • automatically transmit case data to the Health Readiness Records (HRR) document repository for use by other MEDCHART applications such as Medical Evaluation Board Preparation (MEB Prep)
  • complete and sign approval memorandums with system-provided templates
  • appeal disapproved cases
  • notify users of cases that require action via system e-mail
  • generate and export ad-hoc reports and save report queries for case management activities
  • track, log, and run reports of user activities

What is HRR?

The Health Readiness Record (HRR) module provides the ARNG and USAR with a web-based repository for Soldier medical, dental and medical personnel action documentation. Soldier records include non-sensitive, sensitive, and behavioral health documents.

  • upload, sort, retrieve and store documents, images, and radiographs into a Soldier’s record
  • file documentation in accordance with (IAW) Army regulatory guidance
  • restrict access to records and track actions IAW the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standard for Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • easily generate Service Treatment Record (STR) composites to accompany either Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) or Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) actions
  • transfer STR composites to the Healthcare Artifact and Image Management Solution (HAIMS) repository
  • archive records for retired and/or discharged Soldiers

What is MATS?

Medical Action Tracking System (MATS) is a web-based, workflow module for authorized users which manages medical waiver requests, General Officer Physicals, and Convalescent Leave requests. The module is an electronic means of submission, receipt, storage, processing, and tracking of the medical actions and waivers from Soldiers, Recruiting and Retention Managers (RRMs), and Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) to the Clinical Section of the Army National Guard (ARNG) Surgeon’s Office.

  • upload, store, and manage supporting documentation that is associated with the Applicant or Service Member
  • track the status of open medical actions and review closed medical actions
  • generate enhanced ARNG annual reports of medical waivers and exception activities
  • export reports to support the management of the overall process

What is MRR?

The Medical Readiness Reporting (MRR) module serves as an executive information management system for MEDCHART. MRR uses near real-time data to produce customizable reports, dashboards, and maps that measure key performance metrics related to medical and dental readiness.

  • display dynamic dashboards with specified thresholds of key metrics
  • display maps of readiness data for specific UICs, states, and regions for ARNG
  • provide ability to analyze trends in or compare readiness information for USAR commands
  • generate reports of medical and dental readiness data
  • display budget data

What is OccHealth?

The Occupational Health (OccHealth) module allows users to request, process, and track Occupational Health examinations for Dual-Status Federal Technicians at the Army National Guard (ARNG) state-level in concert with national healthcare providers (e.g., US Public Health Service - Federal Occupational Health Program Office (FOH-NET)).

  • request, schedule and approve standard medical surveillance exams
  • store and link employee demographic and exam appointment information
  • record and track exam results
  • track and report financial resource allocation capabilities at ARNG and individual state levels
  • generate enhanced ARNG annual medical-surveillance activities reports

What is OHR?

OHR provides the ARNG with a web-based repository for initiation, maintenance, and disposition of civilian employee records managed by ARNG Occupational Health program.

  • Scalability – Additional storage added easily
  • Multiples formats accepted –Supports TIF, JPEG, MSOffice extensions, PDF, PNG
  • Interfaces – Specific document sharing with the Health Readiness Record (HRR) (Controlled by OHR and HRR)
  • Break the Glass – Ability to protect Behavioral Health and Sensitive information
  • Archiving – Ability to archive & restore records
  • PDF Civilian Occupational Health Record – Ability to provide a civilian employee composite PDF
  • Batching Capability – Ability to upload batches by an individual SSN or form type
  • Security – Captures history of who viewed the records and actions taken on every records
FOUO - For Official Use Only. Use of this system constitutes consent to monitoring for all lawful purposes.

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